Model number SO-04E
Selling price 28,800円(内税)

Size Height about 131mm × width of about 67mm × thickness of about 10.5mm
Weight with battery installed About 141g
Between successive standby time Note One Note Two
(At rest) 3G: about 420 hours / LTE: about 390 hours / GSM: about 360 hours Note Five Note Six
Talk time Note Two
(During a voice call) 3G: about 630 minutes / GSM: about 570 minutes
Actual use time About 56.0 hours Note Seven
Charging time About 160 minutes Note Eight
Battery capacity 2300mAh
Display (main / sub) Type Note Three HD TFT / Not Supported
Size About 4.6 inches / Not Supported
Maximum simultaneous color depth 16,777,216 colors / Not Supported
Resolution (number of pixels) Note Four 720 × 1280 pixels / Not Supported
Phone book Names maximum registration number (phone number / e-mail address that can be registered per 1 name) About 24.9GB (shared) (no number limit)
Telephone number maximum number of registered About 24.9GB (shared) (no number limit)
E-mail address maximum number of registered About 24.9GB (shared) (no number limit)
Email maximum storage number (inbound / outbound) Receive about 24.9GB (shared) / send about 24.9GB (shared)
Xi (crossy) Receive / transmit Correspondence (Reception 100Mbps / send 37.5Mbps) Note Nine
800MHz correspondence Correspondence Note Ten
FOMA HIGH-SPEED (inbound / outbound) Correspondence (Receive 14Mbps / send 5.7Mbps) Note Eleven
OS Android TM 4.2
Embedded memory ROM 32GB
Data folder capacity About 24.9GB
Processor APQ8064 1.5GHz (Quad-Core)
miniUIM card dedicated Correspondence