Model number Laser
Selling price 34,286円(内税)

The photo which I guess effective light right, and care and the high-performance laser which there is falling-out hair from head to foot
can use a mode of photo & laser ...3 properly and finish it on the pride skin of the means means with Hari.

As for the care of an impossible "eye", facial a photo by a supersonic wave and a laser, the iontophoresis; therefore is possible! I OK it only by the whole can let it slide.

The light of the orange that I included a wavelength of 590nm (a nanometer) in supports collagen and reproduction of the elastin to keep moisture and elasticity! Because there are not heat, stimulation, treatment is made to the places that want to care most such as the outer corner of the eye or the length of a fish measured from the eye to the tail.

A laser and a photo support it from the inside and forge it they stand from the depths, and to give age!

DC7.5V, 1.5A, 100-240V

【 country of origin】Japan

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