The latest model of 1.8 inches of very popular multi-players comes up!
Model number MP4
Price 1,886円(内税)
Selling price 1,886円(内税)

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The latest model of 1.8 inches of very popular multi-players comes up!

With FM radio, a voice recorder, a speaker function
It is super Heiss peck model equipped with three new functions!

It is the multi-player that animation reproduction is possible with 1.8 inches of LCD screens.
I OK FM and the animation and the photograph and the music with one this and am の comfort!

1. (NEW function) with FM radio
2. Recording reproduction function (NEW function)
3. Speaker function (NEW function)
4. Animation reproduction
5. Digital photoframe
6. Music player
7. Card reader writer function
seven are all OK with one this.

Heiss peck model the multi-player mounted with FM radio remains in the others in this price range, and not to watch!

It is so-called voice recorder function.
(not a meaning to be able to record the music such as CDs directly.)

I can enjoy music without the earphone.

I convert each movie file such as mp4 avi mpeg wmv 3gp into file format called "AMV" which is attached soft (CD-ROM) and perform animation reproduction.
(I cannot just reproduce without converting file format.)

I can display a picture file such as JPEG GIF
(as for the normal digital cameras, a JPEG file is common.)
I can watch favorite photographs anytime.

The reproduction of the music file such as mp3 WMA is possible.

It came in in the main body by being connected to the PC
I can write in data at microSD microSDHC card.

It is right full of the full functions that are not exaggeration even if "multi-@" say a player.
Of course Japanese indication is possible!
Furthermore, the indication in English supports, too.

Besides, it is ・・
・ Earphone attachment
・ All high-quality metallic body ten colors!
・ Charge type (the lithium ion battery deployment)
・ It supports microSDHC card to 32GB (not built-in memory)
・ 1.8 inches of big LCD screens
4 GB microSD 980

8 GB microSD 1480

32 GB microSD 2980