Ayusip for pc to phone
Model number Ayusip
Selling price 1,905円(内税)

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Vippie! Communicator
sip softphone for making and receiving VoIP calls, embedded VoIP tunnel technology
download Siplink

communicator with support for SIP calling and SMS. Siplink is embedded.
download Vippie.

Ayusip Cdr Vsportal

Vippie! is a multifunctional client software which objective is to ensure high availability of the user and provide set of convenient communication tools including SIP softphone, SMS and instant messaging.
The communicator runs on windows based computers, can be easily installed on laptops or be used even from internet cafes when installed on USB memory stick or USB stick phone (see here).
Thanks to high compression rate of voice a user can make and receive phone calls even on dialup internet connections.
Vippie! supports making and receiving calls on computers running on private IP addresses behind NAT. Also, thanks to special propriatary technology, the communicator can work even from behind firewalls or other voip blockades. Customers from blocked regions can enjoy fully functionality of Vippie! despite the ban.
Morescreenshots:login screen,SMS, Address book, Instant messenger window, Voicemail