Ayusip Pocket WiFi Unlimited Internet Unlimited calls.
Only 4980yen

Ayusip Nokia
Ayusip Pocket WiFi gives you maximum speeds of 20.1 mbps HSDPA (download) and 15.7 mbps HSUPA (upload) and can provide internet connection.
Ayusip Pocket WiFi is small enough to fit in your pocket. Just turn on the wifi signal and connect to it using any wifi enabled device. The Modem has an inbuilt 3 Wifi Manager for configuring the settings of your desired network.
Stay in touch throughout Japan - you can use Ayusip Pocket WiFi everywhere with Docomo FOMA® service available.
Data Network NTT Docomo’s FOMA® 3G Network
Pocket WiFi
NO contracts:
With Ayusip Pocket WiFi you don't need to deal with the hassle of long-term contracts. Only monthly charges pay for Ayusip Pocket WiFi once - at purchase. After that, its yours.1 month you to use it.
It has everything you need to access the Unlimited Internet.
Make unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones (in some countries) in 42 countries worldwide.
Pay per minute instead?
Buy Ayusip Credit
and pay as you call at our standard rates.
Monthly Charges.
Monthly charge yen 4,980 (5,229 tax included)